Sprague-X Stethoscope - Purple

SKU: MDF767X08


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Patient Size: Adult & Pediatric & Infant
Material: Aluminum
Tube: Purple
Metal Finish: Silver

Customer Reviews

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Best stethoscope ever

I’ve had my Sprague X stethoscope for several years now. I recently needed a replacement tubing and the customer service department sent me everything I needed to fix my stethoscope promptly and at no cost. I feel like I have a new stethoscope at no cost to me. I’ve had a couple of other sprague rappaport stethoscopes over the years. This is by far the best stethoscope I’ve ever owned. No distortion of the sounds because of the tubes rubbing together. The price is great and also the quality. In my opinion, it outperforms much more expensive stethoscopes. I recommend this for anyone who wants a great stethoscope at a reasonable price.

Mary A Caron

I actually bought the stethoscope for a friends daugher starting nursing school . But I had to check out how it worked. I loved it the sound was clear and could breathe and cardiac sound very clear. I teased her I almost kept it for myself.