Pulse Time® Stethoscope - Pastel Blue

SKU: MDF74003


Patient Size: Adult
Material: Aluminum
Tube: Pastel Blue
Metal Finish: Silver

Customer Reviews

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Stacy Boettner
Pulse time stethoscope

I can hear well with it but the pulse timer don't work

Ana Corpas

I love it 💕 so much ! Thanks 🙏 i got it

Marlaina Easton
Great Product

I’m happy that I purchased this item for my friend to hear her child that she’s pregnant with, heart rate.

Sherikica Long
Buy one

I previously purchased the purple version of this same stethoscope but it broke after 3 awesome years of service. I was in the ICU one day and I didn't hear nothing when asculatating my patients lungs. Im like ok i hear a rat urinating on cotton with my pulse time whats going on. So i asked a colleague of mine to let me borrow his and he let me use his. Listen with his and heard what i needed to hear, went back to mine and heard nothing again. So i looked at my stethoscope and it had cracked. I called MDF customer service and the pastel blue pulse time was my replacement. My new pastel blue MDF pulse time is amazing. The acoustics are stellar and the tubing is more flexible than my previous purple tubing. MDF will always get my business. There products are stylish, sleek, and asculatation is made easy. The pulse time feature on the pulse time collection stethoscope helps you count respirations and heart rate / pulse in a flash. I hope this review helps you narrow down your search in a great reliable stethoscope that will not fail you. As a second year respiratory therapy student this has made breath sounds easy for me to hear. Customer service understands that we healthcare professionals depend on our stethoscopes to help diagnose and treat our patients. What are you waiting for buy one!

Lisa Soules
Works Great!

Works very well! Very good sound! A little hard to see the clock while TPRing a squirmy patient, but wonderful for anesthesia monitoring!

Great product, recommended to my coworkers.

Love it, very lightweight and clear. I'm very happy with my purchase.