Stethoscope Case - Medium



Stethoscope case

Size: 12" x 6" x 1"

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Matt Rasco

Stethoscope Case - Medium

Sturdy case

Got this case as a bonus for an issue I was having with my purchase so MDF threw in this case for me. I honestly really like it. I store my stethoscope in it when I'm not using it at work and it keeps it protected and away from others using it (since it's out of sight out of mind) and it's a good little case. The only thing it holds right now is my stethoscope but if I had more to store in it, it would definitely be able to hold it. Its got nice little pockets and a holding strap for all the stuff you would need for your job and that's what I love about it. The case is rather sturdy too so it won't get crushed by all the stuff in my box at work. Definitely a must with your stethoscope from MDF.

Good Quilty

It feels nice and fits my stethoscope and pen light very well. but it is a bit overpriced.

great size and sturdiness

The only thing I don't care for is the color--wish there were others besides gray. But it's a great case.

Ameya Walimbe

Stethoscope Case - Medium

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Natasha Theriault
Great quality

Great quality especially for a free gift. Better than expected

James House


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MDF Instruments

Monique Ross
Nice touch

The stethoscope and medical instrument case is good quality and convenient storage for my stethoscope

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martha hartman
Stethoscope Case

Very convenient to keep stethoscope from becoming dirty or damaged

Sharon Clifford
Absolutely amazing!

The sound clarity is amazing. The print on this stethoscope is absolutely gorgeous! The case is sturdy and I love that it is able to hold more than my stethoscope. I definitely recommend!